April 11, 2013

Statistics on Pinterest Users Infographic


We all want to market our services or potential businesses on Social Networks. However, unless we really look deep into the data and analyze that data, there is a huge chance that our marketing efforts will be unsuccessful. I would like to start a series of post on the data behind social networks and start [...]

Statistics on Pinterest Users Infographic2013-05-01T15:24:41-05:00

March 14, 2012

Twitter 2012 – Twitter Statistics and Facts


There are those of us who refuse to get on a social network and there are those who are on it just because we heard it’s good for business. No matter if you are apart of the former or the later you are inveitably selling yourself short. Doing things with trial and error is a [...]

Twitter 2012 – Twitter Statistics and Facts2013-04-11T17:33:34-05:00

Setting Yourself up for more Opportunities


Lets get this learning started. First and foremost, lets get started with you! How is your LinkedIn? With the world already going towards social networks it only makes sense to be ride the wave. With the outlook of social networks looking nothing but positive, anyone who is still objective towards them will be left in [...]

Setting Yourself up for more Opportunities2013-04-11T17:32:57-05:00