About Mark Swist

Written (December 15, 2010)



I don’t know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future. Progressing through life tends to find a way to slow us down and buy into the concept of realistic life. However, it is merely a down payment on someone else’s reality.

There are those who need to know that a kid from Marcy can make it to Madison Square, a foster child can still dream, and someone who has lost thier dreams to reality can create a new reality that will help them dream again.

You see dreams offer means to meaning and for those who will believe, liberation of the only thing holding us back, our fears.

This site will chronicle whats next for Mark Swist as well as provide me a way to give back by sharing alot of the knowledge I have aquired. The journey of creating a business will be long.

There is no certainty only opportunity but my dream lives as I know I was born to help create jobs. As of now, I learn and master the things I learn while I constantly keep challenging myself.

How Mark Swist Got Here


I am a very open minded individual with alot to accomplish, period. I grew up early in life in a foster home under two of the greatest people I have ever meet, Momma and Daddy White.

I was blessed to be adopted a second time to two great individuals, Rhonda and Paul Swist. Rhonda Swist is the daughter of my foster parents. I grew up with 3 of my biological siblings Adam, Alan, and Ariel Swist.

While with Rhonda and Paul, I obtained two more siblings Angela and Adrian Swist. I have two other biological siblings that were always with me in spirit Reggie and Tameka Smith.

I have always been an outside the box thinker. I always wanted to know why and how things worked. This combined with a love for mathematics in turn lead me to Electrical Engineering.

Going forward with Electrical Engineering laid the ground work for my passion with technology.There were many instances in my life in which giving up was more than a suitable option, it was the obvious choice. However, with these magnificent people in my corner, as well as other not mentioned family members, Nobody was and is going to stop me, Nobody!!

Go ahead and ask me something I dont know, I’ll figure it out. Show me what’s impossible, I’ll get back to you in a week. Ask me for help, I’ll lift you as I climb. Give me my next challenge… and I’m up for the challenge.




Growing up in Austin, TX, I attended high school at Lyndon Baines Johnson High School.

From there, I decided to attend college at the University of Houston where I studied Electrical Engineering and Mathematics. Most of my engineering research centered around electromagnetics, networking, and circuit theory.

Outside of class, I was a self-taught music producer. However, I was more interested in expanding the possibilities of equipment and learning advanced features still in the early stages of development.

With that mindset, I became an expert in various Technologies. This includes networking, programming, cellular technology, website development, home entertainment mediums (Dolby digital and High-Definition Video formats), and a list that goes into whatever you ask.

I never stop asking how and why, leading me to explore some of the greatest technologies.

Graduating from college led me to investigate stock markets and real estate and become an entrepreneur.

These are things that I am currently getting well acquainted with.

Check out the section here labeled Stocks that should get you started with investing. Becoming a business owner is my ultimate goal right now.