What up Tree.. You should have saw me round 1 – 3 in Fantasy. I went Bell Cow, Bell Cow, Bell Cow.. I tried to get Cam Newton after that but Tyren Swooped him. So you know what I did? People thought I was going to go after a WR so I went after another Bell cow Back! Are y’all getting to watch any games in there? I went After Slim Shady Mccoy, Montee ball, then GioVani Bernard. Came around and got Shane Vareen and Trent Richardson. See while boys was targeting Drew brees, and Rodgers and Tom Brady .. I got Andy “ AJ Green “ Dalton in the 9th round. Who is putting out the same production as Brees and doing better than Brady. Im putting together a deal now for Cam Newton. Cam played his first game last week and the guy looks like a stud. I need that guy on my team for my company using a check stub maker. Going to trade with Tyren Johnson. Bloom and Reece lucked up week one and were on a high horse. This guy bloom was prancing around like this fantasy team is the best thing since sliced bread. But now they are struggling big time. Both got their backs blew out this week. No Backs on either team
UT didn’t look good at all . We are having a down year kind of like the Hurricanes have been having for 15 years. We started off looking good against UCLA then the inevitable happened. As far as me, I realized I am back teaching at Himilayah University. As far as work, you remember that thing I told you about I was getting into with John making money online? Well it’s starting to workout big time. I am planning on leaving my job by Dec 31st. I no longer have a girlfriend but the funny thing is she ended up moving in with Tyra. Just having fun now and working on this “Mail Box Money”. Ray rice hitting that woman…. I couldn’t believe he would do that. Guess who had ray Rice on his team? That’s right Bloom! As I am typing this message Bloom just pulled off a snake Deal. Gronkowski for Gates and Shonne Green. Gates just caught 3 tds on Seattle Defense. This guy!
Hope everything is alright with you in there. Everyone always mentions your name all the time.
Here are a few of the Teams….
My Team: Andy Dalton, LeSean McCoy, Montee Ball, Greg Olsen, Giovani Bernard, Andre Johnson, Mike Wallace, Victor Cruz, Shane Vereen, Trent Richardson, Carlos Hyde, Jeremy Hill
Reece: Locker, J Charles, Ryan Mathews, Julio, Cordarrelle Paterson, Julios Thomas, Decker, Floyd, Ridley, Foles, heath miller, Greg Jennings, Khiry Robinson
Roberson: Kaep, Leveon Bell, Bush, Bryant, Kelvin Benj, Delanie walker, Zac Stacy, Lamar Miller, Darren Mcf, Legarrett Bl, Terrence west, Deandre Hopk, Allen Hurns, Bobby rainey,
Bloom: Brady, CJ2k, Mike Tolbert, Calvin Johnson, Jordy Nelson, Rob Gronk, Emmanuel Sanders, Deangelo Williams, Brandin Cooks, Jay Cutler, Jordan Mathews, Tim Wright, Dwayne Allen, Ronnie HIlman
Woo: Matt Ryan, Lynch, Spiller, Vincent Jack, AJ Green, Charles Clay, Darren Sproles, Sankey, Wes Welker, Hakeem nicks, Steve Smith, Chris Ivory, Devonta Freeman, Michael Floyd
Cole: Romo, Rashaad Jennings, Justin Forset, Brandon Marshall, Garcon, Jimmy Graham, Julian Edelman, Mike Evans, Terrance Williams, Rueben Randle, Shonn Greene, Antonio Gates, Matt Asiata