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So there’s this new app that’s out called instagram. Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, the same way they did with Facebook and twitter. Instagram is the new way of life, well not really, but using it in the right way could give life to your business that you’ve been trying to spread the word about. Instagram supposedly is only for pictures, so instead of telling the world about what you did, where you ate, or what you’re doing today, you can show them. As we know a picture is worth a thousand words. A picture by itself can tell it’s on story, so why not let it tell one for your business.

Using Instagram to promote your own business is one of the lowest cost strategy models ever. You can reach thousands of people at no cost.

Let’s see, you’re a personal trainer and you’re needing to build your clientele. You can snap a before/after picture of a client, instagram it with a caption underneath about your business and contact you if you’re interested in body transformation. Or you’re the owner of a bakery, take pictures of the delicious pastries available at your store and put it on instagram. Just hearing about your grandmothers delicious key lime pie is one thing, but actually seeing it is another.

How do these Instagram make you feel???????


Instagram could be used for every business but if you have business you also need more that just Instagram.

Take advantage of it and get your business on social media because social media is taking over everything. Your goal is to make people want what’s in your picture. Sell that emotion, that item, and that need to your audience through your picture.

I’ve heard the saying that people buy pictures, not because they like the image, but because they need the image. I partially disagree, because often you find people buying more of what they like rather than what they need.  You can reach thousands of people at one time with one picture. Marketing and advertising is a big portion of a company’s cost. Use instagram to reduce that cost.

Instagram creates WOD (word of mouth), which is one of the best forms of advertising out there. It also creates a lot of impulse buys. You’ve seen it, you heard about it, and now you want it. Instagram it!

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