To accept payments online you always have to go through a third party gateway that allow secure credit card payments. Otherwise anyone can put up a site and steal credit card information with a fake store etc. The other problem is most sites can be hacked and this information can be stolen. In the online business world, Credit card information is not stored on your server, rather it is tokenized and stored on Intuitโ€™s secure servers and or paypals, which reduces your PCI compliance burden, you can find more about how to run business tasks.

So to handle web payments an ecommerce store has to use a third party gateway. PayPal is just a gateway. It is the most used and trusted which is why it is built into most online shopping carts. The process is to order through your site, they are taken to paypal or anyother gateway to accept payments ( some have onsite which you donโ€™t have to leave your domain) , they pay with their credit card via secure processing, then are taken back to the site with a purchase confirmation. This is very standard

Here is a list of those gateways available:


The other problem with using Quickbooks payment is that you may need a SSL certificate. This would be a charge through your domain host ย (godaddy). SSL allows secure connections from a webserver to a browser. The http: changes to https:

There is another option that wont require a SSL certificate:

Check this page out it also keeps the user on site. But the plugin is 99 dollars. It uses an Iframe to integrate. ( Iframe is when you have another site embedded into your site) this may be the best option for you.