We all want to market our services or potential businesses on Social Networks. However, unless we really look deep into the data and analyze that data, there is a huge chance that our marketing efforts will be unsuccessful. I would like to start a series of post on the data behind social networks and start off looking at statistics on Pinterest and why it can be really beneficial for your business.

Let’s start off with why Pinterest? Well looking at the data below you can see that 69% of Pinterest consumers have found an item they have bought or wanted to buy. This is compared to only 40% from Facebook. This means your efforts on Pinterest would be more rewarded than doing the same amount of effort on Facebook.

Who are Pinterest users? Well 80 percent of Pinterest users are women in which half of those have children. Therefore, our marketing efforts on Pinterest as a brand need to directly target and capture the heart of our audience who happen o be women first and mothers second.

With that said, here are some statistics on Pinterest users for business. What they show is the effects of social networking with pinterest. The social networking effects on Pinterest seem to be more beneficial that its counterparts ie Facebook and Twitter. Based on statistics, it seems more valuable to me to have a Pinterest for a business. The statistics on Pinterest show the changes in social networking and social networking demographics. Take a look at the infographic below

[img src=”http://www.markswist.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/pinterest-users.png” alt=”” width=”900″ height=”2000″ ]