March 22, 2012

Clickable Banner for Youtube Channel


Youtube has made it even easier to profit from your videos. They are a leading player in online video profit sharing. If you have applied to become a youtube partner and have been successful, then you can place banners and outside of youtube links on your channel. The trick is that everything has to be [...]

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Setting up WordPress – Proper WordPress Installation


[youtube video_id=”7LNzeodybJA” width=”640″ height=”360″ ] Setting up WordPress “the right way”; All you need is the right insight. Many people would like to get into blogging or website development yet the task seems a little to daunting. This article will break down everything you need for setting up wordpress the right way. You will also [...]

Setting up WordPress – Proper WordPress Installation2013-04-11T17:31:38-05:00

Comment on PDF – permanent PDF Comment


In the professional environment from time to time we have to comment or place stamps on Adobe PDF documents. In doing so, we add stamps or comments to the pdf which usually are in a red box with an arrow callout. When dealing with stamps and comments there are numerous problems that can come about. [...]

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Setting up Joomla – Website Redirection, (SEO in 3 Minutes)


Most customers I communicate with have no clue about getting a website done for their business. There is one reason why you want a website; to get customers. Many non web oriented people think they want this big flashy website that is going to attract customers. The truth is, the art of attracting customers has [...]

Setting up Joomla – Website Redirection, (SEO in 3 Minutes)2013-02-28T15:22:28-05:00

Twitter 2012 – Twitter Statistics and Facts


There are those of us who refuse to get on a social network and there are those who are on it just because we heard it’s good for business. No matter if you are apart of the former or the later you are inveitably selling yourself short. Doing things with trial and error is a [...]

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Facebook and Business – 6 Ways How to Get more likes on Facebook


Facebook and Business goes hand to hand like Bonnie and Clyde. The ability to effectively use social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter will better help your company succeed. Why is integrating these social networks important to the future of your business? Because all your customers are on them! Facebook is the future and there [...]

Facebook and Business – 6 Ways How to Get more likes on Facebook2013-02-28T15:40:02-05:00

Setting Yourself up for more Opportunities


Lets get this learning started. First and foremost, lets get started with you! How is your LinkedIn? With the world already going towards social networks it only makes sense to be ride the wave. With the outlook of social networks looking nothing but positive, anyone who is still objective towards them will be left in [...]

Setting Yourself up for more Opportunities2013-04-11T17:32:57-05:00